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An Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, exceeding Extra Virgin

In this post we would like to focus on quality parameters established for extra virgin olive oil. Regulations that rules olive oil classification at an international level are International Olive Council (IOC) regulations. However, there are organisations that want to go further establishing minimal quality parameters for “Premium” extra virgin olive oils. One of these organisations which we have selected because of well defined parameters at an international level is QvExtra International.

The organisation QvExtra follows that consumers, when they open one bottle having their label, they perceibe a high level olive juice with its own personality. This label guaratee to consumers that the olive oil that shows the label is a very high quality extra virgin olive oil throughout their lifetime of preferential consumption. Only EVOO that meet a series of standards compromised with excellence can bear the label. QvExtra olive oils are high-end olive oils, rich, fruity, powerful, with exceptional quality. An extra virgin exceeding extra virgin properties.

Following quality parameters from each of these organisations, we are going to analyse where is found our olive oil in terms of quality. In the following table, parameters established by the IOC for an extra virgin olive oil are shown in the first column. In the second column, parameters established for obtaining QvExtra label are shown, and the third column shows characteristics from our organic olive oil 14 by El Huerto de LOLA.

CE/IOC Standard SIQUEV Standard 14 by El Huerto de LOLA
Acidity <0,8 <0,3 0,15
Peroxides <20 <11 1
K270 <0,22 <0,22 0,14
K232 <2,5 <2,25 1,42
Humidity <0,20 <0,18 0,1
Impurity <0,1 <0,05 0,03
Ethyl Ester <30 <20 1
Pesticides Olives x 4,5 Olives ECO
Waxes <150 <150 27
Oleic Acid 55,00 – 83,00 >65,00 >65,00
Fruitness >1 >4 4,8

Regarding our olive oil characteristics, we can say that our extra virgin olive oil is an extra virgin exceeding extra virgin properties, and also … ORGANIC.

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